Why Google+ Is King Of SEO

Major changes have been made in the way Google presents your content in it’s index. One of the biggest visual changes in Google in the last year has been the integration of the social media kingpin, Google+.

To be honest, I wasn’t all that excited when I first heard about Google+. It seemed to offer the same things as Facebook, Twitter, and all the rest. The last thing I thought I would need was another social media site to keep track of.

Little did I know that Google+ would become a major player in how Google displays your website’s indexing. Seeing as how Google owns the most powerful and widely-used search engine on the planet, I really should have seen it coming.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Perhaps one of the biggest visual additions to Google search result display is the author avatar displayed to posts that you prove you are the author of.

Obviously I have blurred out the other pages, but as you can see, this really makes your link stand out dramatically. It also gives the searcher a false sense of comfort and security implying that its OK to click on this and its reputable because it has a picture of the author next to it. Whatever the reason, as long as they click it, the tactic is successful.

If You Are In The Circle, You Are In On SEO Majorly

One of Google+’s inventions was the idea of the “circle.” Circles are groups of people you designate to view your posts. There are a variety of share options when you make a new post. It is an attempt at making your social media less for the public and more for the people you intend or want viewing your content. In theory, it sounds practical, but unfortunately the user is left with way too making choices of creating circles and suggesting friends to circles (seems a little cliquey to me). And with too many choices comes confusion and abandonment for the average social media site user.

That being said, if you wield your circles in such a manner that you become part of many circles with your clients or vendors, this can be extremely useful in your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Why?

Let’s take a look at the search results for “Letter Eye Media” while I am logged into Google (Gmail, Drive, Chat, Anything Google.

Posts created by people within my circle are given priority in the search. Additionally, a direct hit of an individual or business in your circle will bring up their Google+ profile that takes up half the screen width.

There is the option to search without these “personal results” as they are called, but if the user is logged in, the “personal results” are on by default.

Internal Business Communication & Networking

Not only is effectively using Google+ going to dramatically help your SEO and visitor traffic, it can also be used as a unique FREE privatized internal social network for a business. As I said, one of the greatest elements of Google+ is the privacy control. Time and time again Facebook has had issues with privacy policies and making it deliberately confusing to control privacy settings.

This is where Google+ really stepped ahead of Facebook in a way. Don’t get me wrong, Google+ will not be replacing Facebook or Twitter any time soon, but it does offer some promising features and different ways of thinking about social networking.

Trying To Bring The Best Of Social Worlds

Google+ is an attempt at making a cleaner, more privacy-controlled form of social media, and in that way, it has succeeded. It hasn’t taken over the Twitter’s and Facebook’s of the world, but by virtue of Google have their grasp on the majority of Internet searching around the globe, it plays a crucial role in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for the time being.

Google+ is easy to sign up for and it is free. I would suggest you at least sign up if you have any interest in getting your name out there as much as possible.

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