Email Signatures – Do I Really Need To Spend Time On That?

Simple answer to this is YES, you do need to spend a little bit of time on your Email signature. Do you need to spend tons of time? Absolutely not.

There are a few basic rules to developing a solid and effective Email signature. The overall theme is simplicity, just like everything else in this world.

Remember that whatever is in your email signature other than textual elements will either be attached to the message itself as an attachment, or it will have to be loaded via HTML. What this boils down to is that there is a much greater chance that your message won’t be read as you intended.

Attaching images is incredibly irritating to me. I take it as a lack of respect when someone sends images that are going to sit and use unnecessary space on my mail server. HTML images are fine, but not all mail programs are set to display HTML as it is usually a sign of unwanted mail and/or SPAM. Your best bet is to stick to text.

Another major point is the inclusion of information that people you are sending mail to don’t need. This could be anything from instant messenger names, personal social media, 6 phone numbers, etc. If you are a business that has its own social media, that’s great, but putting personal accounts on there can be a big mistake, depending on how many drunk photos there are of you on Facebook.


Another item thing to note: you DO NOT need a legal disclaimer. They legally means nothing, and it is so much nasty text at the end of every email you send. There’s no point to it and it annoys people.

Check out this post for more information on how silly they are >

Lastly, give your signature some of your personality, but just don’t go overboard. There are all kinds of cool things you can do with just text to make your signature attactive and your own.

Here is my email signature just as a reference (not saying it is spectacular, but it is my own and it is simple, and that’s what counts):

William Lettieri – Owner


LETTER EYE MEDIA | Modern Website Solutions

www.lettereyemedia.com | will@lettereyemedia.com | 860.930.4554


PO Box 66
Santa Monica, CA 90406


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