Finally Verizon FiOS Saves The Day

I waited and I waited, and the tech guys installed all the FiOS cabling, and I waited some more. Finally, right before the holidays, Verizon gave me my Christmas gift…supercharged Internet access.

I had heard about FiOS long ago, and some of my colleagues were already subscribers, but I was never living in an area where it was offered, until now.

Once the Verizon technician, an ex-Marine, installed the in-house cabling and modem (which is still pretty big, but they will get smaller over time), he pulled up speedtest.net, a great tool to test your connection. Here was the results using a direct hard-wired Ethernet connection to the Verizon modem:


Later on that day, I took a test from my laptop hooked onto my WiFi setup (the nominal difference can be explained my insignificant minor fluctuations):


As you can see, the hard-wired and WiFi connection speeds were almost identical, meaning I am no long losing anything through WiFi as long as my proximity is reasonable.

Then I took a final speed test taken from my iPhone in the adjacent room as my wireless router:


What I pay Verizon for is a 50Mbps down / 25Mbps up connection costing about the same amount as Time Warner Cable service at 30Mbps down /5Mbps up. This means Verizon is actually giving me, on average, 5-10 more Mbps than I am paying for. I was really surprised and content to find this out.

Not only that, my subscription is a mid-low tier of speed. As time goes on, pricing will come down for greater speed, and it is exciting to think about the possibilities the future will bring.

Perhaps most important of all, my FiOS connection has not gone down once in the last couple weeks. Not one single time. With Time Warner Cable, I was losing connectivity multiple times per week, sometimes in the same day and for long durations. I would call them, and all I would get is a recording saying “We are experiencing outages in your area…blah, blah, blah.”

Long story made short: if a solid, fast and reliable Internet connection is essential to you or your business, I would highly recommend looking into a fiber optic system today as they get more and more affordable and available.

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