Time To Ditch Yahoo Mail ASAP

Seeing as how Yahoo uses the same techniques as Facebook, Google and Microsoft, to combat their hacking and SPAM, you would think Yahoo Mail would be able to get a control on security issues.

Unfortunately, this is far from the reality; in the last week, I saw my clients using Yahoo Mail have some very disturbing issues. In these attacks, spammers were able to send multiple emails to the users’ contacts while being logged into the account.

I suffered the same issue with my Hotmail account about 2 years ago and I immediately severed myself from it, and really Microsoft all together.

What can you do to protect yourself?

Delete your account and start using a different provider immediately. Here are some instructions on how to do that.

If this isn’t an option for you at this point, change your password and be sure you use different passwords for your different logins. One big mistake most people make is using the same password for many of their logins. This is the worst thing you could possible do from a security standpoint (about 2/3 of the users on the Internet make this mistake). If you are concerned about retrieving passwords later on or remebmer complex passwords, use a password manager like mSecure.

Since you will now use a password manager and copy and paste your user names and passwords, you can make more complex passwords that include at least one lower-case letter, one capital letter, one number.

The average time users maintain the same password is 31 months. You should really change your password at minimum once per year.

Yahoo Mail and Hotmail are the last places I would ever go to for my mail providers. They might seem like secure options because they are run by large reputable companies, but the truth is that no one is immune to hacking and SPAM.

Aside from security, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail do not offer the free convenience of IMAP capabilities, so your best bet is to use Gmail for your free email account needs.

If you would like to read a whole bunch of negative things about Yahoo Mail, check out Yahoo Mail on Amplicate. It really speaks for itself.

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