New Years Resolution – Get A New Creative WordPress Theme

With 2013 about to roll in, businesses and individuals alike should be thinking of new ways to stand out. One of the most obvious and useful ways to show off a new face is with a new website or a new WordPress theme with your existing setup.

When on the hunt for that new look, ThemeForest can be an invaluable tool in sparking your imagination.

This collection I have put together only includes some of the most stable and most sold themes on ThemeForest for a creative business or individual.

King Size WordPress Theme

King Size WordPress Theme ThemeForest Letter Eye Media

King Size was released on the ThemeForest market in early 2011, and has sold close to 10,000 licenses, making it one of the most downloaded themes available. It is in fact the #1 Photo WordPress template on the market.

Now on version 4, this theme has been upgraded and streamlined again and again based on feedback, and because of this, it is extremely stable, functional, and friendly.

One of the key ingredients to this successful theme is the usage of the full-screen background allowing the website designer/developer to skin the site with stunning graphics.

Classica WordPress Theme

Classica WordPress Theme ThemeForest Letter Eye Media

This is a great template if you are a fan of simple elegance. I like this one in particular because of its minimalistic nature and room for growth.

One pet peeve of mine is a theme with too many functionalities and too much design because it doesn’t allow for the user to make it their own. Classica includes just enough design and tools for you to manipulate the site, but not so much that it adds page loading time and negative code interactions.

Gridlocked WordPress Theme

Gridlocked WordPress Theme ThemeForest Letter Eye Media

This theme is from the same author as Classica (above), Orman Clarck. As with Classica, this theme is minimalistic and elegant with a responsive grid layout. I also like the usage of a vertical navigation on this one if that is what you are looking for.

Aware WordPress Theme

Aware WordPress Theme ThemeForest Letter Eye Media

If you are looking for a responsive, clean, elegant site with some AJAX functionality when opening your portfolio items, this is your theme. I am also a fan of how the filtering of the items works by greying out the unselected ones.

Garnish WordPress Theme

Garnish WordPress Theme ThemeForest Letter Eye Media

Here is another very clean cut site with some nice AJAX portfolio loading functionality. It is clean and simple leaving lots room for growth. No surprise that the author is Orman Clarck just like Classica and Gridlocked (above).

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