Privacy in a Public Online World

Whenever you’re online, there is no guarantee of safety and security. Whether you’re on a home, business, or public network, your information is most likely accessible to other people—and not all of them have good intentions.

There are many reasons you may want or need privacy for your online activities, from stopping websites that are monitoring your browsing habits and geographic location, to preventing sensitive data leaks and defending yourself from data eavesdropping.

Despite the open nature of the Internet, you can achieve privacy and security with a virtual private network (VPN).


What is a VPN?


A virtual private network, or VPN, places additional layers of security between your Internet connection and the device you’re using to access it. Multi-layered VPN security delivers advanced privacy protection by encrypting the information your device sends and receives.


VPNs can also mask your IP address with an anonymous, untraceable address, which prevents companies and cyber-criminals from discovering your location and personal details.


Premier VPN services from Private Internet Access


There are several providers for VPN services that offer varying levels of protection and security for today’s online world. One of the best available services is through Private Internet Access.


Providing world-class privacy and Internet safety, Private Internet Access uses a state-of-the-art process called VPN tunneling to deliver multiple layers of security, starting at the TCP/IP interface level. This means that additional security is extended not just to your browser, but to all the applications and data on your device.

The features of Private Internet Access include:

  • IP Cloaking: Masks your IP address using an anonymous address, which prevents websites from harvesting your personal data—including searches, browsing habits, and geographic location
  • Data Monitoring and Eavesdropping Defense: Uses the highest grade 128-bit encryption to prevent hackers from accessing your data, even through unsecured public Wi-Fi or shared connections
  • Block unwanted connections: Advanced firewall and filtering capabilities keep intruders and hijackers out, allowing information through only the connections you open
  • Anonymous Browsing: Allows people with at-risk identities to browse and post anonymously, to avoid exposure and prevent data mining
  • Unrestricted Access: Delivers access to blocked software and geographically restricted websites and applications in the U.S., UK, Romania, Germany, France, Switzerland, and many other countries

Perhaps most importantly of all, Private Internet Access does not monitor your browsing activity. And unlike other VPNs, you won’t sacrifice any Internet speed when your VPN is enabled—in fact, you may actually gain speed during uploads.

Here is a Internet speed test taken without using the VPN on Verizon’s FIOS connected via Ethernet:


I am paying for 50Mbps download and 25Mbps in my Internet plan. As you can see, they give me 58 Mbps download, 33Mbps upload, and an amazing 7ms ping, more than my plan calls for which is amazing.

Here is an Internet speed test taken with the Private Internet Access VPN connected using the same computer and connection:


I am sacrificing a few milliseconds on the ping, which is to be expected since the VPN server is in Arizona; however, you can see that my download speed is still a solid 56Mbps (almost no change from not using the VPN), and my upload actually gained a touch of speed clocking in at 37Mbps.

This means that I see almost no change in Internet speeds and sacrifice almost no bandwidth using the Private Internet Access VPN.

Lastly comes the price of this service: at just $39.95/year ($3.33/month), it is an absolute no-brainer and some of the most competitive pricing out there. The privacy, anonymity, and customer support you will have access to is priceless. To learn more about this extremely affordable VPN service, visit the Private Internet Access website.

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