Free Responsive HTML Frameworks

When your new website requires a great deal of customization, using an existing theme can be a bit of a headache when trying to alter what a developer has already set up. Sometimes the smarter choice, if your budget allows, is starting from a framework that sets up the basics for your coding, as well as a few handy tools to make your development more productive and quicker.

There are two frameworks that have been around for multiple versions, and I think stand out above the rest because they have the most features, ease of use, and they have been tested time and time again on every browser and device imaginable.

They are both responsive meaning they adjust the website’s content based on the visitor’s screen width. This allows your site to be viewed legibly and with ease on any device, including mobile ones.



Bootstrap is my go-to HTML framework. After seeing how incredibly well-thought-out it is, it comes as no surprise that it was created and is maintained by the folks over at Twitter.

You can use either a fluid or fixed layout format, but what I really adore about this framework is the extra features built right in. In the base CSS, there are forms, buttons, typography, and more already set up for you. All you have to do is classify your elements properly, and the framework does the rest.

If you are looking to build a WordPress-powered site, the good people at 320Press also make a stater theme for that:

Bootstrap WP Theme



Aside from cool features and efficient CSS, Foundation allows a developer to create prototypes faster than ever before. Because of its ease of use and flexibility, you can build skeletons and refine those builds without having to go back and rework a bunch of code. Multiple button sizes, forms, tabs, and image sliders are just a few of the useful tools available on-demand.

The folks developing this at Zurb really take the time and care to keep their framework up-to-date, functional, simpler, and better, and this diligence is how great frameworks are birthed.

Luckily, 320Press also developed a WordPress theme using the Foundation framework…they are awesome:

Foundation WP Theme

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