Buycott iPhone App Killing GMOs

Slowly but surely, things like the Buycott App are going to impede the production of genetically modified foods here in the United States. The app itself has been around for some time, but remains an essential tool for someone who is trying to buy food responsibly and boycott (hence the name) companies they are trying to avoid.

How it works is really quite simple. You can browse the home page for the most common and trending causes to join. Once you have joined a few groups, you can then scan any product with the bar code scanner in the app, and Buycott pulls up information on the product, where it came from, and what mother companies it belongs to.


I came across the app through a friend’s recommendation, and it has become something I cannot food shop without. If you believe companies like Monsanto should be stopped for wrongdoing and think GMOs are something to be concerned about, then being completely aware of what you are buying and who you are buying products from is essential. Give Buycott a try next time you hit the store.

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