Buycott iPhone App Killing GMOs

Slowly but surely, things like the Buycott App are going to impede the production of genetically modified foods here in the United States. The app itself has been around for some time, but remains an essential tool for someone who is trying to buy food responsibly and boycott (hence the name) companies they are trying to avoid.

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Privacy in a Public Online World

Whenever you’re online, there is no guarantee of safety and security. Whether you’re on a home, business, or public network, your information is most likely accessible to other people—and not all of them have good intentions.

There are many reasons you may want or need privacy for your online activities, from stopping websites that are monitoring your browsing habits and geographic location, to preventing sensitive data leaks and defending yourself from data eavesdropping.

Despite the open nature of the Internet, you can achieve privacy and security with a virtual private network (VPN).

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HDD to SSD Upgrade MacBook Pro

If you demand a lot from your computer like I do, you may want to look into replacing your mechanical hard disk drive (HDD) with an SSD (Solid State Drive). The number one reason to switch is the the speed at which information is accessed and written can double, triple, or even quadruple, depending on what kind of SSD you have and the interface.

Some other reasons are that there are no moving parts on an SSD (less mechanical things to go wrong), and SSDs runs much cooler than your traditional spinning hard drive. They also consume less power (increasing battery life), make less noise and vibration, and there is never a need to defragment an SSD.Continue Reading..


Microsoft Surface…Not So Much

Microsoft Surface was supposed to be Microsoft’s answer to rival Apple’s iPad—a chance to inspire consumer loyalty and refresh a long-standing brand. However, almost as soon as the Surface was released, the web erupted with user complaints on a variety of technical issues.

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Free Clean Website Templates

Free templates you may find around the Internet can always be a risk because you are rarely guaranteed support or updates. That being said, there are a number of free templates that a company called WooThemes provides that do, in fact, get updated regularly and offer forum support.

WooThemes builds all types of WordPress website templates, some paid, but some, FREE of charge, and these are a steal.

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Free Responsive HTML Frameworks

When your new website requires a great deal of customization, using an existing theme can be a bit of a headache when trying to alter what a developer has already set up. Sometimes the smarter choice, if your budget allows, is starting from a framework that sets up the basics for your coding, as well as a few handy tools to make your development more productive and quicker.

There are two frameworks that have been around for multiple versions, and I think stand out above the rest because they have the most features, ease of use, and they have been tested time and time again on every browser and device imaginable.

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Amplicate Spreading Truth

Amplicate is a social media analytics service that began in 2009. It tracks over 140 million public opinions from some 29 million users.

It was developed to gather information to show a collective consumer opinion, for good or for bad, for like or for hate. Facebook just has “Likes,” Amplicate shows both “Likes” and “Hates” to provide a more realistic and balanced view.

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Finally Verizon FiOS Saves The Day

I waited and I waited, and the tech guys installed all the FiOS cabling, and I waited some more. Finally, right before the holidays, Verizon gave me my Christmas gift…supercharged Internet access.

I had heard about FiOS long ago, and some of my colleagues were already subscribers, but I was never living in an area where it was offered, until now.

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Time To Ditch Yahoo Mail ASAP

Seeing as how Yahoo uses the same techniques as Facebook, Google and Microsoft, to combat their hacking and SPAM, you would think Yahoo Mail would be able to get a control on security issues.

Unfortunately, this is far from the reality; in the last week, I saw my clients using Yahoo Mail have some very disturbing issues. In these attacks, spammers were able to send multiple emails to the users’ contacts while being logged into the account.

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3 Very Impressive vCard Templates

The “vCard” has become an increasing more popular way to stake your claim on the Internet. Having some type of virtual business card is a necessity for anyone looking to showcase a portfolio or even simply have a profile with some biographical and/or contact information.

With web hosting and HTML templates available at record low prices, the vCard has become a cost-effective easy way to convey your content via web in a modernly cool fashion.

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