Amplicate Spreading Truth

Amplicate is a social media analytics service that began in 2009. It tracks over 140 million public opinions from some 29 million users.

It was developed to gather information to show a collective consumer opinion, for good or for bad, for like or for hate. Facebook just has “Likes,” Amplicate shows both “Likes” and “Hates” to provide a more realistic and balanced view.

Can this be damaging for a business or individual? Yes it can. Having an accurate portrayal of your audiences’ feelings (with comments!) is one of the most valuable marketing tools you can have these days.

Here are some of my more interestingly revealing searches on this site:


Twitter – 66% love it out of 3.8 million total


Pandora – 67% love it out of 350,000 total


Instagram – 69% love it out of 190,000 total


Facebook – just an entire list of hatred here with the except of the actual action of “Facebooking”


Host Gator – 80% love it out of 1,700


GoDaddy – 80% hate it out of 11,500

The numbers really speak for themselves, just as Amplicate intended. If that weren’t enough, you can get a pretty clear idea of why people like or hate things based on comments left. It is all the same functionality of your social media site, but this one can express negative as well as positive votes. I think it is a pretty fantastic innovation and I appreciate how simple and quick they make the site, similar to a Google idea of minimalism.

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