5 Reasons Your Business Needs WordPress

1. WordPress Is Easy To Lean

WordPress is great in the fact that it doesn’t take an extensive amount of training to learn the basic functions within a few hours. There are millions of blogs, videos, and documentation all around the internet talking about various problems and solutions associated within the WordPress architecture. Another invaluable tool for the more sophisticated user is the WordPress Codex.

2. WordPress Is Free & Open Source

Unlike most CMS systems, the WordPress software is available online for free download. Most plugins are also available at no charge.

Concerned about losing contact with your web person? No problem, WordPress is completely open source and any developer with knowledge of PHP, HTML, and Javascript and manipulate the system with limitless results.

3. WordPress Can House Complex Sites

WordPress is often thought of as just a blogging tool when in fact it is so much more. Millions of plugins are available to install that extend WordPress beyond the realm of imagination. WordPress can be used for social networking sites, e-Commerce sites, Intranets, and so much more.

4. WordPress Has Frequent Updates and Improvements

WordPress has some of the most active communities user and developer groups on the Internet. New editions of WordPress and its plugins come out very often and WordPress even alerts you to point you to the upgrades.

5. WordPress Themes

There are thousands of free themes to choose from as a starting point to your site. Other sites like Theme Forest and Elegant Themes offer premium themes. The best part about these themes is that they are well documented often coming with PSDs to work from. Additionally, before you even buy your theme, you can look through to see how previous users have rated the theme based on usability and simplicity.

Still not convinced? Watch this video.

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