SignatureHome By Time Warner Cable – Holding On For Dear Life

I received a mailer advertisement for Time Warner Cable’s SignatureHome Package the other day. I must say that the design of the advertisement was well thought out.

The ad comes on glossy black paper, so you know it has to be a classy deal. In theory, all the things you get in the package are great: 2 HD-DVRs with your standard cable package, 50Mbps down/5Mbps up Internet access, the digital voice service they offer, and supposedly the ultimate kiss-your-ass service money can buy.

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Free HTML Movie Trailer Template

About a year ago, I decided to see what it would be like to build a one-page trailer website in the vain of how Apple displays each one of their trailers.

Although at first glance this single page might look simple, it contains several neat interactive features in the user experience.

The first option the visitor is given is a toggle to hide/show the sample trailers or cuts so that they can have a full look at the artwork.

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Choosing The Right WordPress Theme

Going to ThemeForest and choosing a WordPress theme for your site sounds like a simple task in theory, but hunting down a theme that will fit your needs, be functionally stable, and look great takes some research and patience.

The first thing you should pay no attention to are the “New Item” WordPress themes on the front page. Although they might offer some really cool new features, the bottom line is that they are untested in the real world.

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Espresso Editor Replaces Dreamweaver, Transmit and CSSEdit

Espresso – It’s no longer just a tasty bean.

In the past years as a web developer, I have used a combination of Adobe’s Dreamweaver to edit my HTML, PHP, and Javascript, and MacRabbit’s CSSEdit to edit my CSS. It took me a little bit of time to come to the conclusion that it would take a joint effort between the two programs to work as efficiently as possible.

Because of my love for CSSEdit, I decided to investigate to see if MacRabbit had come out with a new version. As it turns out, they decided to couple the functionalities of a new CSSEdit 3 with a killer new user-friendly text editor. They called it Espresso.

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